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The Special Products Division has been established to satisfy a perceived future need of casting users, specifically pump manufacturers.

The need for castings to exhibit excellent as-cast finish and dimensional consistency is paramount in this sector where product performance and speed-to-market wins business.
The creation of the Special Products Division has been assisted by grant support from Yorkshire Forward under the Dti Grant for Research and Development scheme. Income from this source will be used to introduce, develop and commercialise emerging technologies in the field of casting processes.

By way of example, the division currently has the capability to manufacture precision cores in both sand and high refractory ceramic materials. This ensures that any internal passageways in cast components are not only dimensionally more accurate but, also, sufficiently smooth to enhance gas and/or liquid flow characteristics without the need for grinding and/or machining.

The department, which comprises a team of qualified technicians and engineers, is headed up by acting-consultant, Professor John Campbell OBE, a man widely-regarded as one of the world's leading experts in the castings industry. Having invested in the latest 3D visualisation software, Solid Cast, we are able to generate an accurate 3D interactive graphic which provides an insight into how molten metal flows into the mould. The model is solidified on-screen as it would be during the casting process. With the simulation technology (provided by AF Software), we are able to identify potential flaws or material discrepancies at an early stage.

From the customer's original 3D model, Simpsons Patterns is able to create a 3D CNC-cut pattern from which we can then produce a highly accurate mould to cast from. Using CNC tooling effectively guarantees that the pattern is an exact replica of the initial drawing therefore maximising client satisfaction.

For further details contact Sam Scholes, Development Manager on (+44)1909 568831 or sscholes@f-w-f.co.uk