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1 Binns and Berry Centre Lathe 1000mm swing x 3m between centres

1 Centre lathe 650mm swing x 2m between centres

2 Centre lathes 580mm swing x 4m between centres

1 Harrison M350

- all fitted with digital readouts and quick-change tool posts

Vertical Boring

1 36" Webster Bennett

1 48" Webster Bennett with digital readout and coolant facility

Horizontal Boring

2 Kearns and Richards SH 75 with 1m quartering table and 3 axis digital readouts with vertical milling head


1 Turret mill with digital readout


1 Asquith 6’ Radial arm drill with removable box table


1 8" slotter


Selection of Ansi flange jigs, fixtures and machining equipment


Comprehensive range of micrometers and other inspection equipment